AFS Office Team

John Haney

John is an owner/operator, and the one that started it all. He is still very involved with AFS. On any given day, John may be talking with vendors or customers, helping solve problems, thinking of ways to improve, or may be seen on-site servicing accounts.

Amy Haney

Amy and John are married. Amy is excellent at many things and for years she WAS the office team. While she is not as involved in day-to-day operations as she once was, she is still involved in many ways, and is a valuable part of the team.

Michael Haney

Michael is the Sales & Service Manager. He works with the technicians on a daily basis and is an excellent technician himself. He is extremely customer-centric and wants to make sure everything is done right.

Hannah Haney

Hannah is Michael's wife, and as the Operations Manager helps ensure the office and overall business run smoothly.

Anna Garcia (a married Haney)

Anna is the Accounting/Finance Manager. She is good at almost everything and has received nicknames such as "amazing Anna" and "Lady Lightning" (she's fast!).