Improve Your Building's Airflow

Schedule commercial building filter services in Lufkin or Nacogdoches, TX

How old are the air filters in your greater east Texas area business facility? It's generally recommended that filters in a commercial space be changed somewhere between monthly and quarterly. We can offer our own recommendations based on facilities needs American Filter Service offers filter services that include filter housings as needed. You can trust us to change your dirty or damaged filters with new ones. Clean filters will improve your indoor air quality and provide better airflow.

Hire a professional that cares about providing the best service for your business. We offer free estimates for commercial building filter replacements.

What types of commercial facilities do we service?

Our team has experience providing filter replacements for all types of establishments. Reach out to us if you own or manage:

  • A paint & body shop
  • A corporate office building
  • A retail chain store
  • A university
  • A school
  • A medical facility

Call 936-639-5962 to schedule service in or around Lufkin & Nacogdoches, TX.